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I believe I can do better

What is the time trial course like?It is extremely hard, especially one part of the climb. The first part is quite technical but the climb is brutal. I have to distribute my strength sensibly.Did the rest day come in handy?Absolutely, I had to catch up on lost sleep. I got out of bed at around 11am.How are you feeling?Quite good. We all went into the red on Sunday but I did like the stage even though I cracked with 1500m to go and I couldn’t go any more.Are you confident about moving up in the GC?I don’t want to specify any position because you cannot plan things like that ahead. But I want to improve. I regained my confidence in yesterday´s stage. The team is of the same opinion. What I want to achieve at the end of each day is to say that I have given it 100%. So far I can apply this to the entire Giro. There isn´t a single day when I could have done something in a better or different way.What are your expectations of the last week?We still have two time trials and a few tough stages to come so options remain open. Everyone can have a bad day. Take Anton, for example, who won the stage on Zoncolan and lost eight minutes the following day.How are your teammates feeling?Everybody is all right. We are still in the lead of the team classification. Tiralongo is looking very relaxed now. Petrov and Stangels have performed well. The rest day will do Kiserlovksi a lot of good and I believe that Masciarelli will show his best qualities in the upcoming days.

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