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Overall assessment of the season: it was a transitional and mediocre

Roman´s last race of the 2015 season was the road race at the World Championships in Richmond. He was supposed to make an appearance in Lombardy but after having talked with the team management he cancelled his participation.

“After coming back from the USA I did not feel quite well. After all, I travelled a lot and I was struggling with jetlag. The team and I came to the conclusion that it was pointless for me to take part in other races,” said Roman.

He is not on his off-season break, however. “I am going to ride my bike until mid October, then I will be off the bike for a month. After that, I will start my regular preparation at the gym and I will do some hiking as well.”

At the end of October, he will go to Croatia for the first team get-together where he will work out the race plan for 2016. “We have been already asked to prepare a rough race program but we will finalise it there,” admitted Roman.

“I can be quite satisfied with the first half of the season. I was competing at the level that I wanted and sometimes, as at the Liege race for example, I was out of luck. Giro was really demanding this year and I suffered a little bit on the long climbs but the most important thing was that Alberto managed to take the overall victory,” said Roman.


The other half of the season was not as good as I expected. All in all, it was a mediocre season. But that is the way it goes in sport, you have your ups and downs. I failed to take a major victory in this season but it is necessary to look towards the future.


As far as his race program for 2016 is concerned, he already has some ideas but first, he has to talk with the team management. There are couple of races that I would like to ride but the main objective will be the Tour with Alberto, I guess. I do not know yet if I will ride any other Grand Tour or not, we will see how it all fits together,” revealed Roman.


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