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We can play an important role in Richmond

Roman flew to the venue of the World Championships on Thursday. Along with Tomas Buchacek he joined the Czech national team in Richmond and seven Czech riders will line up at the start of the road cycling race on Sunday.

“After I came back from Canada, I did a block of training together with my coach in Italy. My current numbers are not bad at all but it will depend on how everybody feels on Sunday,” said Roman.

“Thanks to the fact that seven of us is going to line up at the start we definitely stand a change of getting a good result. I am not saying that we will make the race but we can play an important role, for sure. Our advantage is that we can ride for more than one rider. We will have a strong team and I hope that we are going to show our best qualities,” said Roman.

He travelled to the US at the very last moment. “I planned it this way. I have no problem with jetlag. I set out early in the morning, I stayed awake when travelling and then I adapted quickly to local conditions after the arrival,” revealed Roman.

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