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Privacy Policy

Dear visitor,
Let me inform you of a process of gathering and using personal data on our website.

This statement of the protection of personal data is concerning the website RomanKreuziger.com. An individual Tomas Hruby is responsible for this website – company Webdesign-Hruby.com in the direct cooperation with Roman Kreuziger.
There are being gathered some personal information on this website which are specified below, for the personal use or for the necessary use of this website – realizing offered services, for the development and the improvement of applications or informing etc.
There are not being gathered any delicate personal data concerning possession, racial or ethnical origin, political posture or membership in political parties.
During the conservation of personal data we follow the Czech Law no. 101/2000 Sb. concerning the protection of personal data.
Which personal data are being gathered?
– Name
– Email
– Adress
– A language version
– IP address
– Browser type
Which cookie files are being saved in your computer?
– Files with information mentioned above, securing easier way to the web forms.

Fa Tomac1.net is responsible for the operation of this website and he commits not to provide personal data, mentioned in the previous paragraph, to a third party without consent of an owner.
Fa Tomac1.net also commits to delete personal data from the database on the request of the user without giving any reason.
If there is a transfer of rights or a new owner of this internet application – natural or legal person, all the acquired data shall belong to the new owner on the same terms, whereas the new owner is bound to adhere this statement of the protection of personal data.
Priciples of the Google company for advertising files cookie and the protection of personal data

There are displayed advertisements provided by advertising companies of a third party on this website. These companies can use data (not name, address, email of phone number) concerning your visits on this or other websites for providing advertisements of goods or services that you are interested in. If you want to find out more information or get to know how to prevent these companies from using mentioned data, click here: http://www.networkadvertising.org/pdfs/NAI_principles.pdf.

The Google company, as a provider of a third party, uses DART files (information of this file: http://www.doubleclick.com/privacy/faq.aspx) for advertising on this website.
Thanks to the cookie DART files, the Google company can display more relevant advertisements based on your visits on this or other websites.

What are the data of the cookie DoubleClick DART being used for?
– Reduction of the frequency of the same advertisements.
– Filtration of spam and faked clicks on an advertisement.
– Providing the count of users who did not click on an advertisement and yet visited the website
of the submitter of the advertisement.
– Audit, survey and analysis of data in order to keep the protection and improve services.
– Security of the proper running of advertised technology.
– Development of new services.
After having read the principles of the protection of personal data for advertising and content of the net Google cookie DART, users can log out here: http://www.google.cz/privacy_ads.html