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Training camp in Livigno

Since Sunday´s evening Roman has been gearing up towards the Tour de Swiss in the Italian Alps. He will be staying in high altitudes in the town of Livigno for ten days.

“The weather report doesn’t promise any fine weather and they forecast snow from the 1,900 meters level but there is nothing I can do about it. I had it planned well in advance and I know that riding in high altitudes will do me good. I have a plan to follow, I even brought along my time trial bike,” said Roman. As of Wednesday, his teammate Tosatto will keep him company while riding.

“But there are many other fellow riders around here so I am not afraid that I would hit the roads on my own. Besides, you do not need a bunch for riding in the climbs like these,” he admitted. In the last couple of days Roman has been practicing both in Italy and the Czech Republic.

“I went out riding with Fery Raboň every day and once even our dads joined us,” said Roman. How did the group ride of the fathers and sons go? It is a well-known fact that both Roman Kreuziger senior and František Raboň senior are still active in riding their bikes. “They are both on fine form. I think that they would make many riders suffer at the races of the national league. Their condition, however, depends on how many beers they drink after the practice,” added Roman smiling.

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