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My name is Roman Kreuziger. I am a professional cyclist

I have never doped and never tested positive for doping. Despite this for a year and a half now I have been living in uncertainly as to whether I will be able to continue to devote myself to my life’s passion and continue with my career.

Since June 2013 I have been investigated by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for an alleged violation of anti-doping regulations on the basis of supposed anomalies in my biological passport.

However, I have never exceeded the basal values and did not even approach these values. The Arbitration Committee of the Czech Olympic Committee cleared me of any wrongdoing in October of this year. The UCI have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne and I am still threatened with a four year ban and a high fine.

I condemn doping and cheating in sport. I consider the biological passport to be an excellent tool. However, clear rules for its use must be set out otherwise it is useless and can be used to eliminate anyone. Rules cannot be changed during a game. And that is what is happening now. What purpose do the basal values serve if mere suppositions are used to determine guilt?

The proceedings have dragged on unbearably. I was forced to wait without reason many long months for a statement from the UCI. This year I was unable to compete in the Tour de France or other subsequent races. My career will soon be over, and dragging out this case could destroy it.

I don’t ask for sympathy or leniency. I have always respected the principles of fair play, and as a competitor at two Olympic Games I respect the principles of the Olympic Charter. Today I find myself part of an absurd theatre, but tomorrow it could happen to any other athlete. I want a just process, I want clear rules and I want fair treatment.

Keep your fingers crossed for me

Roman Kreuziger

More info at http://www.kreuzigercase.com/

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